"We iterate because we can and we iterate because we must. We owe it to our customers to ensure our product is constantly and consistently improving."

-- Me :)



Although a Cincinnati native, I have lived and worked at tech companies around the world in both for-profit and NGO sectors of all sizes.

Not too long ago, I joined as the founding designer of Flowspace, designing the user interface for a primarily React based application (on top of Ruby/Rails), and crafted a style guide, component library, and comprehensive design system.

Having felt my work there was done, and after building a solid design foundation for Flowspace, in 2021 I moved into a UX Design Lead role at 84.51˚ where I'm currently designing for the Media and Loyalty application.

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Featured Work

A small collection of some of my favorite work (more to come).
Designing Flowspace

As the lead and first designer at Flowspace, I had the opportunity to build a design system, implement collaborative product/design processes, and mentor other team members toward effective design thinking.

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Strug Design System

Building a design system from the ground up can be a monumental undertaking. Migrating from one design library, i.e., Bootstrap, to a custom design brings its own challenges. Introducing: Strug Design System.

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I've been a part of countless efforts over the past decade or more. To display them all here would be quite an undertaking. If you want to see more of my experience, feel free to reach out, I'd love to share!

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